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Showing at FAN

Oil on Panel

Oil on Panel

Al Gury’s Latest work will be available for viewing at FAN Gallery in Old City Philadelphia until Late February or Early March.

Please contact the gallery for the official time and dates, for they might be extended.

221 ARCH STREET PHILADELPHIA PA 19106 : (215) 922 5155

The Education of a Woman

My artist friend and mentor, Eleanor Arnett, once told me that really good art was neither male nor female-it was just good.
She had been born during the reign of Queen Victoria, educated in the Edwardian era, came of age during WWI, and painted ferociously until her death in 1985. Her career as a painter had [...]

Giving Face to a Legend

Philadelphia artist paints portrait of former slave and Christ Church member
By Jerry Hames, March 27, 2009

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[Episcopal Life] When visitors come to Philadelphia’s historic Christ Church — and more than 250,000 of them did last year, according to parish Tourism Director Anne McLaughlin – many want to sit in the pew where

Al Gury’s Showing at FAN Gallery

By now most of you know that Al Gury’s show at FAN Gallery was a huge success. So much so it has been held over until March 28th, 2009. Al has decided to create this virtual gallery for those who are either unable to travel or make it to the show for any reason. You [...]

Successful show held over at Fan


Al Gury’s show at F.A.N. Gallery is being held over for a second month, until March 28th.
Some new paintings, still lifes, have been added.

Gury Show Invitation at FAN

Al Gury
Recent Paintings,  February 6-28, 2009
Opening Reception, Friday February 6, 5-9PM

An Interview with Al Gury

Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin
Miriam N. Kotzin - You once mentioned to me that your parents had a portrait painted of you, and in that portrait you were depicted drawing. Did you ever consider

Book - Alla Prima

Alla Prima
A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Direct Painting
Al Gury 
ISBN: 978-0-8230-9834-7 9 [...]
From the artist’s mind . . . direct to the canvas Legendary alla prima artist Arthur DaCosta was author Al Gury’s mentor—now readers everywhere